Gifted And Talented Test

Wondering if you're really gifted and talented? Or if you've just honed your skills so much over the years, that you're now capable of so much on the spot?

Tags: Hobby, Career, Skills, Talent, Personality

Here are all the results with descriptions

Gifted And Talented
You have raw, natural talent. Thank the ever-changing whims and luck of the universe. You literally could go years not practicing anything, and you'd still be jaw-dropping, because you're just naturally good. Practice on top of that, and it's stardom level.

A Mixture of Talent And Earned Skill
You have talent. Raw, natural talent! But you know what? You also practice a lot on top of that. You've taught yourself so much, learned from so many, and kept at it, so you're more than just an unpolished diamond, so to speak. You could probably blow most people out of the water!

A Product of Earned Skill
You are not naturally gifted and talented. There is no raw talent here. But. . . that means that you should celebrate. All of your successes have been a product of tons and tons of practice. You've taken the time to cultivate the skill that you have. And that's something to applaud. Keep at it!