What Does Your Car Say About You?

Wondering what your car says about you? You'd be surprised to find out that it actually says a lot! Whether you're lost in life, rich, or broke, people know by looking at it!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

'I'm So, So Broke. '
Your car couldn't scream 'broke' any louder. It makes ungodly noises, it screeches, it halts, it gives you a load of issues, and the only reason you keep driving it is because you can't afford to replace it right now. The choice to drive a car so riddled with problems is not really a choice, it's the inevitable reality of the broke lifestyle.

'I Value Older Things That Are In Good Condition. '
You drive an old car, but it's kept up, even fixed up to a pretty impressive condition. Think classic car. Think shiny paint you could see your own reflection in. The whole thing shines, even the silvery metal parts. It's the kind of car one should only drive on the weekends, but hey, it's your car. You drive it whenever, wherever. And you always get compliments!

'I'm Pretty Ordinary. '
You drive a regular car. Could be a sedan, four-door. Could be a van, because you may be a soccer mom. It could even just be a regular SUV, like any other out there. Even the color is ordinary, nothing that stands out or anything. It says 'ORDINARY' to just about any onlooker, assuming you have any. You are a pro at blending in.

'The Cash Flow Is Of Epic Proportions'
You drive something so ridiculous that it screams 'rich' to anyone who glances over in your direction. It's an expensive model car, and it is washed and kept up in tip top shape. More so, it's clean inside and out, not treated like a trash can. It may even be colorful, maybe an orange or a shiny red?