Do You Like Horror Movies?

Do you like creepy crawlies that go bump in the night?

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Love All Things Horror
Your love of horror doesn't stop at movies, you also love books, plays, games and anything else that can thrill and terrify you. Being scared is one of your greatest pleasures. You love the world of horror. You love hearing about all the ghosts, goblins and ghouls.

Love Horror Movies
You think that being terrified is lots of fun and wouldn't mind if you never watched any other genre of film. You thrive on being scared and love sharing that fear with your friends. You really feel immersed in the stories and characters. Fear and terror are very human emotions and being scared makes you feel alive.

Like Horror Movies
You find horror movies lots of fun and always enjoy shouting at the characters, warning them not to go investigate that weird noise. If a movie is not too scary, you enjoy turning off the lights to watch it. You know there are a lot of clichs in horror films, but you find that is part of the fun of watching them. You don't watch them regularly, but when you do settle down with a horror film, you always have a good time.

Feel Neutral About Horror Movies
You could take or leave horror movies, you don't hate them and you don't love them, you think they're harmless and sometimes silly but don't mind watching one if a friend asks you to. You would never sit down and watch a horror movie by yourself but if it's what's on, you might watch a bit. You don't understand why anyone would love them (or hate them for that matter). You do occasionally enjoy a good zombie flick.

You Dislike Horror Movies
Horror movies leave you feeling uncomfortable, you'll sometimes watch one if a friendly wants to badly, but you don't enjoy the feeling of being scared. You sometimes have a bit of trouble sleeping after watching a scary movie. You're a bit baffled that anyone really enjoys scaring themselves with movies. You don't even like watching a scary movie on Halloween.

You Hate Horror Movies
You hate being scared and you hate horror films because you always end up sleeping with the light on that night! You're easily terrified and you always hate the feeling. You won't watch a scary movie, not even for a friend. You always try hard to avoid scary things. You find horror movies very unpleasant and they always stick with you, scaring you at night, for a long time after watching them.