What Should You Name Your Firstborn Daughter?

Find the perfect name for your bundle of joy!

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1. Which of these holidays is your favorite?

Easter Mother's Day Earth Day Birthdays Independence Day

5. If you were homeschooling your child, which special subject would you include in the curriculum?

Home economics Public speaking Watercolors Political science Dendrology

Here are all the results with descriptions

You find beauty in the simple and tried-and-true. You are likely to raise Little Jane with old-fashioned values and good sense. Her name will fit her like a glove!

You pride yourself on originality, so you could never give your baby girl a common name. With a name like Zeni, your daughter will be 100% unique the day she arrives. You can't wait to see her unleash her creativity!

The world is pining for old-style, Hollywood glamour, and you are determined to bring it back! With Little Tiffany by your side, you are sure to restore class to its proper pinnacle.

You don't believe in gender roles, and you would never abide by a name that confined your daughter to one! With a name like Jo, your daughter will have the freedom to do anything she wants to do and be anything she wants to be.

We are all children of Mother Earth, and the more connected we are with nature, the brighter our spirits grow. With a name like Meadow, your daughter is sure to be as fresh and sunny as her namesake.

You love tiny, cute things, and nothing could be cuter than your baby Sophie! You know that she will fit right into her world and win the hearts of everyone she meets.