What Type Of Mother Are You/Will You Be?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Tiger Mom
You are the 'Tiger Mom.' You know your children's full potentials, so you will always push them to be their best and be successful in all aspects of their life. Some may call you overbearing, but you know it's only because you want what's best for your children!

Protective Mom
You are the protective mom! Your children are the most precious parts of your life, and you'd hate to see them hurt, sad, or upset. Because of this, you try to raise them to have good heads on their shoulders, and you fiercely protect them in any way you can.

Cool Mom
You are youthful, fun-loving, and free-spirited. You don't want your children to think they need to hide anything from you, so you try to match their youthfulness and be the cool mom!

Role Model Mom
You want your children to look up to you and have a good example to follow, so you always aim to be a role model to them. Your children not only love you with all their hearts, but respect you so much as well.

Best Friend Mom
You have a very unique relationship with your children. Not only are you their mother, but you are also their best friend. They can come to you about anything, and you always enjoy each others' companies.