What Type of Bike Are You?

If you were a bike, what would you be? Take our fun quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Crotch Rocket
You are an adrenaline junkie who likes to take risks. You may have a speeding ticket or two because you like to go fast. You love spontaneity and limitless possibilities. You are exciting to be around and perhaps sometimes a little dangerous. No one has ever called you boring and you intend to keep it that away. You are sleek and you talk as fast as you drive. Remember that it's okay to take a pit stop every now and then!

You are artistic and unconventional. You prefer to listen to a local band or see some local theater over going to the club. To you, DJ means someone who spins, not someone who plays Journey on request. You're smart and kind to the environment. You like craft beer and wouldn't be caught dead with a light domestic one. Be careful not to be snooty though, not everyone is as cool as you!

Mountain Bike
You are athletic and like to stay in shape. Your typical weekend involves getting outside at least once and you've probably run a marathon or two. Your collection of t-shirts from races is a bit overwhelming. You get up early so you can enjoy the day. You're probably quite successful at work because you are driven and motivated. You take care of your body and your mind. Kudos!

Dirt Bike
You keep things pretty simple, but you like to go out and get a little crazy sometimes. You don't mind getting dirty, or in fact you prefer to have a little dirt on your jeans because otherwise you might look too civilized. You don't have dreams of traveling to Europe or owning an expensive car, you just want to be happy, healthy, and able-bodied so you can go speed over dirt hills.

Stationary Bike
You're not quite the adventurous type. You do like to keep in shape though. You prefer the gym to the outdoors because it's predictable and you know how many calories you've burned. You may or may not like going to the gym, but you feel weird if you don't make it a couple days in a row. You keep your house clean and like to have guests over. Remember that it's okay to get dirty sometimes though! And sunshines is good for you!

You aren't a bike at all, you're a unicycle! You want to try everything at least once, and that includes learning how to ride a bike with one wheel. You're not doing it to impress people, just because you think it's fun and not many people have mastered it! You make people laugh constantly and if you ever wanted to join clown school, you'd probably graduate with top honors.