CIA Quiz

There are many secrets involving this United States Agency. Take this quiz and test your knowledge about CIA. Who knows maybe someday you'll become an agent!

Tags: History, America

Here are all the results with descriptions

Know Nothing About The CIA
You really skipped history class growing up or at the very least didn't retain anything you learned. Let's just say you wouldn't make it as a CIA agent with the amount of knowledge you currently possess on the topic.

Know Very Little About The CIA
Your knowledge of the Central Intelligence Agency isn't the worst but it could certainly be better. Regardless of where you are located the CIA is a well-known agency around the world and you should probably know more than you do.

Know An Average Amount About The CIA
So it seems your not an expert on the CIA, but you're also not oblivious to this huge agency and that counts for something. We think your amount of knowledge is about average for the average American maybe even slightly above.

Know Quite A Bit About The CIA
Your knowledge of the CIA is actually quite impressive. Our guess is that you've done a bit of research on the subject or maybe even know someone who has worked for the CIA. Keep researching and you'll be an expert in no time.

Are An Expert On The CIA
You know a lot about the CIA like a suspicious amount. We wouldn't be surprised to hear that you were some sort of secret agent for the agency. Don't worry we know it's very hush-hush and won't ask you for any details!