Cute Boy Cat Names

Do you adore your tomcat? Are you looking to adopt but still need to find the perfect name for your new kitten? This quiz will give you a cute boy cat name.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your cat's name should be RuPaw! Your cat has got a lot of sass and is constantly the source of amusement for you and all of your friends. Your tomcat loves to play and has a serious mischievous side.

Your cat's name should be Shorty! Your cat has your full heart and is one of your best friends. You are a huge cat person and you always have been. Cats are your wheelhouse and you have no problem with that.

Your cat's name should be Toby! Your cat is a bit on the lazy side and spends most of the day snoozing but you don't mind because of it was up to you, you'd be doing the same thing. You two still have plenty of bonding time.

Your cat's name should be Stevie! Your cat is perhaps the most adorable cat in all the land and sometimes you suspect he knows it. You're guilty of spoiling your cat and you suspect he knows that too.

Your cat's name should be Georg. You have a wicked sense of humor and you love to play with your cat. You're drawn to fat and fluffy cats and love to name your cats with very proper names because frankly they have more class than you.

Your cat's name should be handsome! Obviously you have a handsome tomcat. You just know that he would be a great hunter out in the wild and of course he's the ladies pick. Your cat is one of your favorite things.