Am I Yin Or Yang?

Have you ever heard about yin and yang and how they fit together? Did you know that they are very separate, very different things? Find out if you're more in or yang with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Yin personality types are more internal with their energy, meaning you are probably more of a thinker than a physical worker. Most often, yin energy is dark and cold, and usually female. Yin is more of broken energy, so we're guessing you probably have been through a lot in life. Without a yang personality in your life to assist you, you're probably not going to flourish very much.

Those that have a yang personality are often stronger physically. Yang is traditionally described as a hot, bright, and positive. Most often yang is male, or masculine. You are someone that helps others and likes to see people succeed. People probably tend to want to be around your energy because it's one that can help them grow.