Can You Guess Where I Live?

Can we guess if you live in a city or a town? If you live by the beach or the mountains? Take this quiz and see if we can guess exactly where you live!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

In A City
You're a city slicker through and through. Your hustle and down to earth attitude give you away. If you're not from a city, then you should move to one because your vibe is perfect for the concrete jungle.

In A Small Town
Whether you like it or not you are from a small town. You know every crack and crevice there is in it. Not to mention you know everybody's business and they know yours! You may not always live in a small town, but the smalltown life will always have your heart.

On A Beach
You are used to being close to the ocean. Half of your shoes have sand in them and always will. The sunshine and the warm weather gives you all the feels. Living by the beach goes with your laid back attitude perfectly!

In The Mountains
You love to ski and do all sorts of winter sports. When it's warm out, you also love to hike. You are outdoorsy and love to be outside in any kind of weather. The mountains are isolating and a bit of retreat from all of your worries.

On A Farm
Hard work is your middle name. You're used to getting up early and taking care of business. Not to mention you can handle yourself around just about any kind of animal. You know the dedication it takes to be successful, and you aren't afraid of it!

In The Country
You are country through and through. You love the music, and the easy way of living that comes with it. Not to mention the joy of hunting and fishing. You are so laid back while also having a bit of a wild side to you.