What Does Your Palm Say About Your Future?

Wondering what your palm says about your future? It's time to figure it all out! Simply tells us a little about your palm, so we can read it all the way from here.

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Your Future Will Be Bright
Your head line is short, which means you're a fast thinker. Your life line is long, which means you are a rock people count on during difficult times. Your heart line is long and either straight (ending below your index finger) or curved (ending at the base of the middle finger). This means you're rational, analytical, or very passionate and driven by emotion.

Your Future Will Be Introspective & Challenging
Your headline is long in length, which means you analyze things. Your life line is either faint, or broken, which means you need to chill out, maybe go for a walk or take up meditation. And the breaks, they're traumatic experiences that impact life choices. Your heart line is short and either straight (ending between middle and index) or curved (ending below the middle finger). This means you show your love through actions more than words, or you prefer small groups and one-on-one settings.

Your Future Will Be Busy
Your head line splits in two, which means you can see things from other people's perspectives easily. Your life line is short, which means when things get hard, keeping busy helps you feel safe. Your heart line either has two or more X's at the outer palm, or it splits in two. This means you've either experienced a personal betrayal, or you have a habit of placing other people's emotions above yours.

Your Future Will Be Lonely
You don't have a heart line, the line at the top of your hand, so you're actually going to be pretty lonely. Logic rules your life, and instead you focus your attention on yourself, on your work, and on building a life of your own. You have friends, but that's about it. No heartbreak for you, but also no love.