Where Did You Live in a Previous Life?

Where did you call home, the last time you were here?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

North America
Home to cowboys and Indians, Hollywood starlets and wild horses, you most likely lived in North America in your previous life. You're likely to be free-spirited and adventurous, independent and a bit on the wild side. You value wide, open spaces and hard work! In your past life, you could have been a Native American, a pioneering settler, a civil war hero or a silent movie actress!

South America
According to our quiz, you are an old soul that loves family and social gatherings of all kinds, and you are most likely to have been living in South America in a past life! South America is filled with different types of people and cultures, and you could have been living life in the distant past as any number of people-a Chilean winemaker, a Peruvian sheepherder, an Argentinian cattle farmer or a Venezuelan beauty queen, just to name a few.

Tribal jewelry, French dialects, safari animals and expansive deserts, you most likely used to live in Africa in a past life! Africa's history is long and extremely varied-so you could have been any number of types of interesting people in the past, like a bushman or woman, tribal elder, medicine man, early colonizer, a farmer, a warrior or a powerful dictator.

You were from the great continent of Europe in a previous life! While this may seem rather vague-after all, Europe is home to a great number of amazing cultures and countries-many Europeans do have something in common, and that's a great respect for their distinct cultural differences and traditions. While you could have been a communist in Bulgaria or a French artist, an English writer or a Spanish bullfighter, Europe probably speaks to your heart and reminds you of the great life you once had, and the unity of the country you once belonged to.

According to our results, you are most likely to have lived on the enormous continent of Asia in a previous life! While you could have been from India, Bangladesh, China or Korea, or a number of other countries, there's no doubt that gorgeous grassy highlands, beautiful lakes and rivers and breathtaking forests and jungles speak to your heart. While it's impossible to know for certain whether you were a snake charmer in India, a merchant in Korea, a peasant farmer in Vietnam or a great Chinese emperor-we're pretty certain that you used to fit somewhere in Asia's diverse landscapes and wide range of cultures.

Do Koalas, canyons, Australian wines and beautiful sandy beaches speak to your heart? According to our results, you used to live in Australia in a previous life! Whether you were an early settler, a colonizer or an Aboriginal native, Australia's distinct outback, wildlife and metropolitan areas probably remind you of days long past, when your spirit walked the Earth in a different body (and ate vegemite and Eucalyptus tea).