What's The Best Career For Your Personality?

Sure you're driven to succeed, but your personality plays an important role in the career path you should choose.

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Writer or Editor
You are highly creative and have to use your creative juices or you are not happy. For you, you are fine with working from home or in a very small group, but you don't work well in large groups or teams. Your personality type is that you need your space so that you can be alone with your creative mind.

Accountant or Engineer
You're all about the numbers, and you love to challenge your mind. People may sometimes think that you lack people skills because you crunch numbers and figures all day long, but that's when you're happiest. For your personality type, you love to use your problem-solving abilities, and you pride yourself on getting the job done efficiently.

Archaeologist or Scientist
You crave discovery and love learning about new things, no matter what they are! You are sometimes a little soft spoken, but your brain is a powerful tool that is always grinding. You work great on teams and love to share your findings with others, especially with those who share your passions!

Teacher or Professor
You love to help others and are always encouraging others to do their best. Your personality allows you to be understanding to those who need help or instruction, and you are admired for your incredible patience and compassion.

Doctor or Nurse
You are intelligent, resourceful, and kind to others. People know that they can rely on you when they are in stressful situations and that your calm demeanor can make them feel at ease. You want to do good in the world, and you are happiest when you are making others feel better about themselves.

Builder or Designer
You aren't afraid to get your hands dirty and try new things. You are full of fresh ideas and motivated, willing to do anything it takes to get the job done right. People know you for your quick thinking abilities, and you enjoy using your mind to create new things.