Which Animal Do You Transform Into?

Answer the questions to find out which animal you transform into!

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You can be particular, but that's because you know what you want and are very independent. You may come across as standoffish, but really you are just quite reserved and warm up to others in your own way, on your own time. You are creative, intelligent, and unique!

You share the strong, graceful presence of a horse, whose symbolism and powerful presence have permeated cultures all over the world. You enjoy companionship but also silence and handle difficult situations with nobility. In lore from around the world, the horse is linked to the cosmos, victory, practicality, and wisdom.

You are resourceful, unique, and independent with a strong intuition. Like the hedgehog, you can create solutions with limited resources--just look at their method of self-defense! Hedgehogs have a natural resistance to snake venom, and this is a sign of their resilience. They are connected to fertility, the sun, and resurrection.

You love friendship, comfort, and all things domestic, and you need time with your best friends. Dogs are very protective, and though they can be ferocious when provoked, they are usually fiercely loving creatures. In history, they have been coupled with the non-physical realms, such as the afterlife. They also represent hunters, heroes, and healing.

You are shy but very perceptive and spend a lot of time in reflection. You love to be in nature, feel connected to the earth, and need to recharge out in the wild whenever you get the chance. Rabbits are very methodical--hence the constant chewing--representing deconstruction or breaking elements into their individual parts.

You are generous, friendly, and intelligent like a wolf. The 'lone wolf' stereotype is a misnomer; wolves are actually very social and compassionate with their kin. They are known to be excellent communicators and fearsome opponents. They like to migrate and are associated with victory, heaven, loyalty, and communication.