What Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With?

Love, it's in the stars. And the moons and the suns and the exact time of the other person's birth. If you believe in the power of the zodiac this is this place to check your future love out.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are bound to find comfort in the arms of a Gemini. Their friendly nature and hospitable tendencies will allow you to feel safe and loved. You want someone who will be devoted to you and adore you.

You are highly compatible with Pisces! You want romance with a capital R and the dreamy Pisces is certain to capture all of your tender notions. You'll find that a Pisces will act as your life's muse.

You don't want to waste time guessing where your lover might be, a loyal and true Libra is the perfect partner for you. You want to spend every second with the one you love and luckily, this zodiac sign seeks the same.

You crave the comfort and support of a Cancer. There's nothing you want more than a compassionate and understanding partner who will always be in your corner. That being said you also seek an exciting romance, something the unpredictable Cancer can easily gift you.

You want an intriguing, interesting love. You'll surely find this with an Aries who fights to stay interesting. Be prepared for a fiery and passionate relationship that consumes your life in the best way possible.

You seek a love you can trust. There is no partner more dependable than a Taurus. You're looking to settle down and settle in to the best years of your life with an equal partner. You see love as teamwork.