What Do Guys Like About You?

You aren't going to have an easy time highlighting your most attractive feature to the guys you surround yourself with if you aren't sure what it is. We can help you with this quiz!

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What Do Guys Like About You?

1. Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Yes No Most of the time

2. Do you know what kind of a person you are?

Yes I think so Not really

3. Do you act differently depending on who you're around?

Never When it's necessary All the time

6. Do you greet people with a hug?

Yes! Some people No ▶ Next Question ◀

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Character
You are someone that knows who you are, and you never try and hide it or act like someone that you're not. When you're around your girlfriends, you act the same way as what you do around your parents or someone you just met. Guys love that you show your true self at all times, so keep doing it!

That You Show Affection
It might seem like something obvious to you, but there are plenty of girls out there that have a difficult time showing their guys affection. It can be hard for men to be attracted to a girl that is stone cold all the time. You're the one that greets everyone with a hug no matter what and the guys that see it can't get enough.

How Smart You Are
There are a select few men in the world that might be intimidated by how intelligent you are, but the majority of them find it extremely attractive. Never dumb yourself down to try and fit in. Show off your smarts and be proud!

That You're Respectful
You've heard that guys want to find a girl that they can take home to their parents, and it's not just a saying. Men are extremely attracted to women that are respectful, and according to this quiz, that's an obvious trait of yours.

Your Ambition
Guys don't want a girl that's just going to sit around and wait for everything to be done for them. Instead, they like the women that know what they want and go out and get it. That describes you to a tee, and men are going to go crazy over it!

Your Confidence Level
While guys tend to want to take the lead in most situations or wear the pants in the relationship, that doesn't mean that they want a girl that has low self-confidence. You know who you are, what you want, and where you're going. That level of confidence is what guys love about you.