What Job Would You Have At A Police Station?

Would you make a good cop?

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Lead Detective
You have a great eye for detail and you never let little things slip past your notice. You have great instincts and trust your gut. You also have an innate ability to read people and are seldom wrong in your judgments.

Police Chief
You're a big picture kind of person. You know what's important and what you should be working toward. You are good at managing people and inspiring everyone to do their best. You don't mind taking care of the frustrating side of business so that other people can do their work.

You know what makes people tick and you are fascinated by why people do the things they do. You're good at keeping an open mind and thinking outside the box. The study of human nature greatly interests you.

Forensic Pathologist
You enjoy work that takes a lot of detail and you have a high respect for science. You like methodical and careful work. You have a passion for logic and knowledge, and you're always excited to learn something new. How things work interests you much more than why they work.

You can keep a level head in a crisis and keep calm no matter how bad things are getting. You have a soothing presence but are also good at staying focused. You could handle the stress of being a dispatcher and never lose your cool.

Victim Advocate
You care less about catching the bad guys and more about helping the people who are actually in need and hurting. You have a great capacity for compassion, which makes you ideal for helping people when they're at their lowest. You've always been willing to go to bat for the people you care about.