Which Magical Element Do You Wield?

Are you a mage, but don't know which element is for you? Perhaps this quiz could help you out! Includes earth, grass, frost, water, fire, lightning, air, dark, light, and healing!

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Elements, Fire, Water, Earth

Here are all the results with descriptions

As a user of light and a healer of the wounded, you may believe in triumph over temptation, a healthy lifestyle and most of all, helping others. You could be the kind of person that believes that everyone, no matter how terrible their acts, has a good side, and can be redeemed.

As a puppetmaster of darkness and the slain, you may believe in indulgences, self-discovery, prioritizing one's own well-being over that of others, among other things. You may believe that everyone, no matter how flawless they may appear, cannot be perfect, and should not strive to be.

As a pyromancer, it's not unlikely that you believe primarily in promoting creativity, standing up for oneself, and self-confidence in general. Fire symbolizes creation, and in its creation, brings a burning passion. By believing you are untouchable, and forever burning, you become one with fire.

As a wielder of wind and electricity, technology is closer to you than you may think. You believe in self-improvement, maintaining connections with friends, and entertainment. Like an electric current, you connect yourself with others, you improve yourself like technology, and you desire to maintain a presence everywhere, like the air we all breathe.

As someone who casts water and ice, you may believe in relaxation, a calm demeanor, and above all, maintaining comfort in the most uncomfortable situations. Time is a lazy river, and you go with the flow.

You may find yourself to be a druid of earth and nature. You see everything in the world as beautiful: the seasons, the time people spend together, the flowers, the animals. It all exists in a symphonic harmony that you are proud to be a note in.