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Are you having trouble coming up with a name for an upcoming event? Event planning has enough challenges. Let us help you find a great name for your event!

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Tubilustrium would be an excellent name for a music festival or at least a festival that included live music. Tubilustrium was a Roman festival that revolved around the cleaning and ritual purification of trumpets.

A ratoon is a tiny shoot that comes off the root of a plant. It's a great suffix to whatever your event name is. Especially if your event is about growth, gardening, or agriculture. If your event isn't directly related to literal plant growth, it may be metaphorically related to growth.

Beerxertz 2019
Or whateverxertz. Xertz is a word for that moment when you are so thirsty, so very very thirsty, that you guzzle something greedily to cool down and quench your scorched throat. It can also refer to the same type of moment when you gobble down a donut because you're famished.

Throw in your organization's name and follow it with Brouhaha. People often use this word ironically or sarcastically, but why not use it for its intended purpose? A brouhaha is a big uproar or event. If your event is meant to be lit, this might be the name for it.

Annual Pauciloquent
Pauciloquent is a word that refers to few words or short speeches. If you want to have an event where speeches are important but you want to stuff several of them in, this name could inspire your speakers to get to the meat of the matter.

Ludi Piscatorri
The Ludi Piscatorri were Roman 'Fisherman's Games'. This would be a great name - and theme - for a marketing, sales, or business conference. It gives an edge of fun and competition to the event. If it doesn't fit, try looking for an ancient festival or translation that does.