What Type Of Woman Attracts You More?

Out there there's a lot of woman types. You may are confused to what you prefer. You may also think that you know what type you prefer. But do you? You don't have to solve it. We will for you!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

The funny type
What you want is a woman type that will first of all keep you always in a happy mood. What better than a girl that constantly throws jokes and positive options. A girl that will say one word and it would be enough to make you happy even in your worst day!

The pretty type
The first thing you notice on a woman is her looks. What she's wearing, exedra. In a woman prettiness is one of the most important things. Although you want a girl to have mental gifts and sense of humor, you also want her to be hot and sexi!

The smart type
You think that the most important thing a woman should be is smart. You really appreciate a girl that have a culture and like to learn new things, and not a girl that is pretty. Actually in your opinion these are the worst ones!

The athletic type
What you need is not a shy and cute girl, but a strong and hard woman. A type of woman that's all about sports, and weekly go to the gym. Just like you!

The serious type
You have been in many relationships. And you have get tired. What you need is a woman to witch you can find a serious relationship, that will lead into a mariage.