What Nationality Should I Date?

Are you looking for your new partner, but have no idea what exactly you're looking for? This quiz can help you determine which nationality your new boo should be!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your date is going to be Korean. Their cuisine is amazing. Not to mention they are going to be a looker. Don't be intimidated by their family, but rather take in their culture because it is quite incredible!

Yes, maybe this seems too plain, but your next love will be American. They will be strong-willed and kind. They will also want to take care of you while also letting you have your independence. Don't forget the barbecues either!

Brazilian food and Brazilian people both are spicy and incredible. We love some flavor in both. Your new partner is going to love traveling. They are also going to be super romantic and will sweep you off your feet.

First, have you heard their accents? Literally amazing. So sexy, and fun to listen to. They also tend to have a thirst for life. Expect them to be well versed in all things having to do with the ocean as well.

The Portuguese are known for their delicious food as well as their spirit. You'll also feel right at home with their big family and the way they take you in as one of their own! Just be prepared for loud holidays!

The luck of the Irish. You'll love your new partners fighting spirit. Be careful though because they may be just as stubborn as you. Enjoy the corned beef and cabbage on Saint Patrick's Day. You're in for a lucky day.