How Strong Am I For My Age?

Are you strong for your age? This online quiz will measure and compare your strength with others of your age group to see if you are strong for your age.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

not strong for anyone's age
You are not a strong person. Even people younger or much older than you are stronger. You may have some health issues you need to check out or maybe you just need to get some more exercise. Either way, consult a physician.

not strong for your age
You don't meet the average strength levels of other people of your age. Perhaps you need to exercise more or a health issue is limiting your strength. The best course of action is to consult a physician about your diet, exercise, and health.

not quite as strong as others your age
You are not a weak person, but you are a little less strong than other people your age. If you give some attention to a healthy diet and regular exercise routine, especially with a personal trainer and a nutritionist, you can increase your strength.

about average for your age
You are not a weak person nor are you a strong person. You have about the same amount of strength as other people your age. You can be happy with that or if you want to get ahead of the pack, do some weight training.

slightly stronger than others your age
Congratulations, you are actually a little bit stronger than other people of your age. You are only slightly ahead of the pack, so if you want to maintain your edge, you are going to have to do some weight training.

a lot stronger than others your age
Your strength is impressive. When compared to other people of the same age as you, you excel in the strength category. Congratulations! You must work out regularly and take care of your body to be so strong!