Magic Name Generator

Do you imagine yourself in a world of fantasy? Would you rather live a life surrounded by elf, unicorns, and magic? Take this quiz to discover what your magic name is.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your magical name is Drizwell! You have a natural affinity for water and possess the same flexibility. You're easy-going but by all means a powerful force that should not be messed with even in moments of calm.

Your magical name is Habiella! Magic has been in your family for ages, even if no one has ever told you about it. Do some digging and see if you can discover the truth about who you are. You've always felt a bit different but in a good way.

Your magical name is Talaf! You are a good person. You have miles of integrity and tend to bring the best out of others. However, you often under sell yourself which prevents you from reaching your full potential. Remember to love yourself.

Your magical name is Rhaelra! Your magic is closely intertwined with all things light. You feel strongest in the sunshine and are attracted to lights and fires of all kinds. You have a natural warmth that draws people in.

Your magical name is Elred! You believe in the power of knowledge, history, and books. You most likely learned your magic through study over natural ability but this doesn't make you any weaker than others.

Your magical name is Antieva! Many people believe you to have a dark side and to be cold-hearted. In reality, you have a close relationship with pain but do not promote it. You are a rebel but also a healer.