What Does Your Sense Of Humor Reveal About You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Seriously Sarcastic
You rarely speak without sarcasm. You find the best type of humor involves sarcasm and a quick-wit. You have an honest nature to you and you use that to make jokes about you those around you.

You Love Darkness
Nothing is funnier to you than a good dark joke. You have no problem touching on topics that others may find disturbing or horrendous. You're not afraid of what others may think and you take everything in a light-hearted fashion.

You Can Laugh At Yourself
You have no problem making a joke and laughing at yourself. You know that it's best to have good humor about things and so you'll make jokes about yourself. You'll do almost anything to make others laugh.

You Love Irony
You can't help but find humor in the world around you and you use that to fuel the laughter of others. You look at things with a light-heart and you have trouble making jokes others wouldn't touch at.

You Love Dirty Jokes
What you like is nothing more than a good old dirty joke. You're not afraid of what others think about you and so you'll say whatever's on your mind. You know others may find your humor vulgar but you have no problem with it.