What Sport Should You Play?

Whether you like to run fast or throw a ball there is a sport out there for you. Take this quiz and you can discover which sport matches your capabilities and wants!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You've got great hand-eye coordination and enjoy a more fast-paced sport and that is why basketball is the perfect choice for you. You also happen to be very tall which is also a great attribute when it comes to basketball!

You have amazing hand-eye coordination and while baseball is a team sport there is also a lot of pressure when it comes to getting up to bat. You can handle and actually enjoy both the team aspect and the individual aspect of the game. Not to mention it's America's favorite pastime!

Soccer is super fun. It takes a lot of skill and coordination. The fact that you've got a great amount of endurance and also are better with your feet than your hands makes soccer the perfect choice of sport for you!

You are beyond graceful and elegant. You also happen to have the perfect traditional body type for a dancer. Being under lights in front of huge groups of people performing is the environment you would thrive in.

You're into contact sports and that is why football is perfect for you. There is nothing quite like playing under the lights on a Friday night for your school. You'll also really enjoy the camaraderie between you and your teammates.

Track and Field
You're a solo type of sports person. You don't mind having the results depend completely on you, you actually prefer it. that is why track and field events are the perfect choice for you. Not to mention there are many diverse field events to choose from and it's a high possibility you'll be good at one of them!