What Does Your Name Mean In Bible?

If you have a bible name, you may wonder what it means? Just answer a few short questions about your name and you will find out the origin of it at the end of the quiz!

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that you had a message to tell
Your name reflects the celebration of a special relationship with God. You are named after a prophet, men and women who communicated God's divine revelations about the future with humans. Prophets: Deborah, Micah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Joel, Daniel, Abraham, Nathan, Samuel, Anna, and more!

a special place
Many people name their babies after places where something special happened or places significant in Bible history. Some names based on cities or geographical locations are Eden, Bethany and Jericho. Others, like Jordan and Moriah, refer to natural elements like rivers or mountains.

a godly relationship
The 'el' ending in the Bible referred to God or his power. So, if you have an -el at the end of your name, your name refers to a special relationship with God. For example, Emmanuel means 'God is with us. ' Common names ending in eel are Gabriel, Ismael, Samuel, Joel, Michael, Israel, Ariel, Ezekiel, Nathaniel.

a praise for the Creator
An -jah, -yah, or iah in a person's name, especially at the end, refers to the shortened version of Hebrew name for the Creator in the Bible, usually written in English as Jehovah or Yahweh. (Think 'hallelujah. ') For example, Elijah means 'Jehovah is God. ' Other names: Uriah, Josiah, Isaiah, and Zechariah.

that you lost or received a special honor
At times, people lost or gained names in the Bible based on their actions. For example, Sarai became Sarah and Abram became Abraham. Other name-change names are Jacob, Israel, Esau, Edom, Saul, Peter, Naomi, Mara, and Paul.

that you (or your parent) is having a hard time
When a woman named Naomi became a widow and lost her two sons, she called herself 'Mara' which means bitter to reflect her emotions. Too bad for you if your name 'Lo-Ruhamah' or 'Lo-Ammi', because they mean 'not loved' and 'not my people' respectively.