What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You? No. 2

Have you ever wondered what type of girlfriend you are? Then this quiz is perfect for you! The questions will be about dates, hobbies and preferences.

Tags: Girlfriend, Personality, Fun, Bored, Relationship

Here are all the results with descriptions

The cuddly
When you are in a relationship you tend to be more cuddly. You like to wear sweatshirts and leggings, long long hugs, pillows and blankets, and just a chill movie at home date.

The clingy
In a relationship you tend to be more clingy. You probably have abandonment issues. You tend to be more jealous and over-protective. You most likely wanna spend every minute with that person.

The laid back
Rare but real is the laid back girlfriend. You tend to trust really well and easily. You care about them enough to not want to smother them and give them some freedom.

The romantic
If you love candle lit dinners, rom-coms, roses, and long sweet paragraphs you´re most likely the romantic girlfriend. You love ¨The Notebook¨ and other romantic movies, you always dream and wish to find a guy like that. You love sending and getting long paragraphs. You believe in ¨love at first sight¨.