Which TV Show Would You Have Binge Watched In 1967?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Andy Griffith Show
Back in 1967, you would have been hanging out and binge watching the Andy Griffith Show. You're a comedy lover who always appreciates a good storyline. Life's too short to take your TV show too seriously.

Back in 1967, we could've caught you binge watching hours of Bewitched! This TV show has all of the elements you love in a comedy: romance, danger, and of course witty banter. You would've loved kicking back with this show after work.

The 1967 TV show that you would've binge watched is Bonanza! You like a show that transports you from your reality into an entirely different world. Bonanza would have taken you to the west and allowed you to escape your day to day for a few hours.

The Carol Burnett Show
The TV show you would have binge watched in 1967 was the Carol Burnett show! Few shows could bring the laughter quite like this one. You live for good comedy and a way to unwind after a long day. This show would have helped you laugh all of your woes away.

Green Acres
The TV show that you would have binge watched in 1967 is Green Acres! You're currently a reality TV fan who loves to watch people placed in uncomfortable environments. This show would have served you up that element of reality TV along with so much more!