What Is Your Writing Style?

Wondering what your writing style really is? Then it's time to figure that out, isn't it? Good thing you can take this insightful quiz and get your answer!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You love to write controversial opinion pieces more than anything. Things that get the readers to feel some sort of emotion, even a negative one, make you excited. Why? Because you're poking holes in their logic, and you love to shake up people's reasoning as much as possible.

You are a storyteller, more than anything. You'd much rather write a character, a story, fiction, than write anything else on the planet. Will you be the next big author? Only time will tell. Just know, it's a tough journey.

You are very persuasive, which means you're very good at writing things that get people to do something. . . Like buy things! Sales copy is your go-to, for obvious reasons. And honestly, more power to you if you do it well!