What Does Your Face Shape Say About You?

The way a person's face is shaped can say a lot about them. While there are six main face shapes each face is unique. Take this quiz and discover what your face shape says about you.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your face is very warm and inviting. People feel comfortable coming up to you and sharing stuff about themselves. Your soft features and calm facial expressions make you an adorable person that people love!

Your face shows your intelligence. It's very thoughtful and interesting. It would seem as though you are always deep in thought. It is in your eyes how brilliant you are. People may feel intimated by you at first but in time they will get to know you for who you truly are.

You always have a goofy expression on your face. People feel so comfortable around you and like you are always ready to have fun. Your face makes everyone want to be your friend and lets people in on your laid back personality.

You do not have the most approachable face of all time. You are hard to just come up to and just start a conversation with, but once people get to know you they start to understand who you really are.

Your face is the epitome of gorgeous. Your face screams beautiful in every way. Not only because it is beautifully shaped but also because of your eyes. They are the window into your soul and people can just see how happy you truly are.

Your face is like an escape from the world. It's lovely to look at. People feel calm and at peace when they look upon it. Some people have a way about them that just makes people want to be around them and that's you!