What Is Your Spirit Color?

What colors most describes your personality? Take this quiz to find out. Keep in mind this is all for fun so don't take it seriously!

Tags: Colors, Personality, Soul, Spirit

Here are all the results with descriptions

Pastel colors
You are sweet, kind, calm, soothing, soft, and you have a kind soul and heart. These colors such as milky pink, mint, washed out yellow, violet, etc. You are a very happy person!

Earth colors
You have deep feelings that you are hiding. You are strong, brave, kind, considerate and you care about earth and animals. And you don't use plastic! These colors include brown, green, yellow, blue, white and tan.

Fire colors
You are feisty, fierce, powerful, aggressive, fearless, you end what you start or what has been started and you don't stop till you get what you want. These colors are red, orange, yellow and gray.

Ice colors
You are adaptable, ambitious, lazy (in an OK way) balanced and you love the winter. These colors are blue, white turquoise and teal.

Dark colors
You are quiet, moody, loner, and you avoid people as much as you can and people don't notice you as often. These colors are black, gray, maroon, and. . . well. . . black!

Basic colors
You are a popular, drama, you catch up on the latest trends, and you always make sure you look on point. These colors and pink, purple, peach, blue, and teal!