Am I Smart For My Age?

Wondering if you're smart for your age? It's time to stop wondering, and start getting some answers. You're lucky you're here, because we can help with that!

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Falling Behind
You are actually. . . Well, falling behind. That means you're not putting yourself in the situations necessary to learn the things you should be learning right now. And IF YOU ARE. . . then you're not grasping the lessons that need to be learned. But there's time to change this: put yourself in more situations, and seek to learn from each thing that happens in your life. Reflect more, distract yourself less.

Smart For Your Age
You are smart for your age, capable of understanding everyday situations, as well as the tougher ones. And you know how to sit and reflect on the outcome. You actually think about what you would have done differently. That's smart, and insightful, so you should be proud.

Well Beyond Your Years
You are beyond your years. This could be because you've had to endure more than most people your age. . . Or it could be because you've managed to focus on self-improvement and growth for far longer than others your age. And so, you're more capable of understanding precarious situations and unstable emotions.