Political Quiz

Are you a political veteran or perhaps a newbie just diving in? Either way this quiz is for you! Answer honestly and you can test your political knowledge and see how you stack up!

Tags: Politics, Political, Government, Republican, Democrat

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Political Genius
You are a political master. You know more about the political sphere than just about anyone else. When it comes to your friends, you're who they go to when it comes to political advice, so advise wisely!

A Political Whiz
You know quite a bit about politics. While you falter in a few places, overall you know much more than the average joe about our political system. Keep working on it and you'll be the best in no time!

Politically Aware
You are very politically aware. Competent and knowledgeable you are what people should strive to be, whether they are personally interested in politics or not. Remember to stay up to date on current politics so that way you never fall out of touch!

Politically Average
You know a bit about politics, but could probably strive to know a little bit more. Try not to be complacent or discouraged by this knowledge though. Instead work to know more. Remember knowledge is power!

A Political Beginner
You're a total beginner when it comes to politics, but that's okay. After all everyone has to start somewhere. Now that you know what you do and don't know you can use this as a base to increase your knowledge on the subject!

A Political Newbie
You don't know much about politics. Perhaps politics isn't your strong suit or maybe it's just not your thing. Either war remember knowledge is power and so it is important to gain a base knowledge of our political system! Keep working on it and you will definitely get there and become a political master in no time!