Do I Bottle Up My Emotions?

Are you someone that can easily let their emotions show, or do you bottle them deep down inside? Find out if you're one of those that try and hide their feelings right now!

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Let's Your Emotions Go Freely
You have no trouble at all sharing your emotions with anyone that will listen to you! That's a pretty good trait to have, as long as you're not oversharing. Remember, some things should be kept private.

Shares Your Emotions Easily
There aren't really many issues when it comes time to share your emotions. If something is making you angry, sad, frustrated, or happy, you let those around you know it. It's a good bet you have some pretty solid relationships because of your ability to do so. Does that sound about right?

Bottles Up Your Emotions Sometimes
There are times when you share your emotions pretty easily, but in some situations, you find it better to shut down and close off. Maybe it's around certain people that you bottle up. It might be a safe way to keep yourself from being disappointed.

Usually Bottles Up Your Emotions
You are definitely one of those people that usually bottle up your emotions. That doesn't mean that you won't cry when your family member or a close friend passes away. However, if something is bothering you, there's a good chance that nobody knows.

Almost Always Bottles Up Your Emotions
The people that are around you most often are still wondering if you actually have any emotions. You may have cried when the family dog died ten years ago, but that's about it. You're going to have trouble bonding with people if you can't share how you feel. Start today!

Definitely Bottles Up Their Emotions
You aren't someone that shares any of your thoughts or feelings with ANYONE! Maybe it's backfired on you in the past. Perhaps you've been hurt one too many times and you don't see a point anymore. Whatever is going on, you should take a look and see if it can be fixed.