How Minnesotan Are You?

Can you take the cold?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Minnesotan
You are so Minnesotan. You're not afraid of cold weather and you're completely capable of driving in the snow. You're friendly and love a good neighborhood gathering or festival-even better if it's a potluck! You probably have a lake house or at least a good friend who lets you visit theirs. Gotta take advantage of those three weeks of summer when they come!

90% Minnesotan
You are pretty darn Minnesotan. You're friendly and laid-back-you're fine with the cold weather and yes, your change tray has many a Canadian coin. You like a long ride on a snowmobile as much as a day out on the lake. You're probably pretty friendly with your neighbors.

75% Minnesotan
You're a Minnesotan-in-Training. You can stand a little cold weather, but you're not going to be wearing shorts when it's 40 degrees out. You're a nice person, but not overly friendly to strangers, that's kinda weird, right? You still love a good neighborhood potluck though, any day.

50% Minnesotan
You're a Wannabe Minnesotan. Yes, you are friendly and love a good day on the lake, but are you REALLY comfortable in those shorts when it's 50 degrees out? Or are you just trying to fit in? You really wouldn't mind living somewhere that it's not so cold they need tunnels. It's okay, true Minnesota life isn't for everyone.

20% Minnesotan
You're not very Minnesotan at all, which means you're probably happy that you're not. I'm sure you enjoy the occasional potluck or friendly gathering and who doesn't love a nice day on the lake, but you could do without below freezing temperatures for months out of the year and who can stand that many mosquitos?

1% Minnesotan
Minnesota? No thank you. You are not Minnesotan at all and that's just fine with you. You get 1% because you can probably point it out on a map. Why would anyone choose to live somewhere so cold that they actually need tunnels to get around most of the year? You're claustrophobic just thinking about it.