Which Christmas Villain Are You?

Tell us why you hate Christmas, and we'll tell you which Christmas villain you truly are on the inside.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Ebenezer Scrooge
You had your heart broken at Christmastime, because you were too greedy to see the true meaning of the holiday. Now you're taking it out on everyone around you by keeping the season cold and dark, just like your heart. If you want to celebrate Christmas again, you're going to have to take a long, hard look at yourself and make a change.

The Grinch
Spending too many Christmases alone ruined your holiday spirit. You're the type to make jokes about Santa breaking and entering. Holiday parties are just static noise to you, and rather than just host your own and invite your friends, you decide to ruin everyone else's. Fortunately, those around you know the true meaning of Christmas, and hopefully they can warm your heart by this time next year.

Hans Gruber
You couldn't care less about the holidays. For you, it's just a chance to take advantage of the crowds, the lax in security, and people's seasonal sense of giving. You're going to take, take, take--even if it's not yours! And if anyone even tries to hassle you, you'll light them up like a Christmas tree.

You couldn't care less that it's Christmas. You're just here to party! Food, firecrackers, and a little bit of violence spark your holiday spirit, which is fitting, because you only have the night. Once the sun comes up, the party is over and you're dealing with one helluva hangover.

You don't hate Christmas. You simply despise seeing other people hate Christmas. The season is about magic and sharing it with the ones you love, and as soon as someone threatens that good time, you're there to take them to the bowels of hell. You work hard protecting the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, that means you often miss out on the holiday yourself, which can make you a little bitter.

Clyde A. Northcutt
You didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, and now you're punishing the holiday. You're bitter, and Christmas is just a business investment to you. Once it stops paying off, you'll immediately shut it down. Your friends and family have stopped expecting gifts from you, and most of them stopped inviting you to their holiday dinners. You should lighten up or you're going to be very lonely this season.