Are You A Real Or Fake Country Girl?

Answer our questions to find out whether you are a real or fake country girl!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Real Country Girl
Girl, you're a full-blooded country girl who knows what it means to work a hard day's work! You can spit, two-step, buck hay, and drink with the best of 'em, but when the time's right you also love to listen to the earth, indulge in girly things, and be adventurous.

100% Fake Country Girl
Sorry but you're about as country as a skyscraper! You are more at home on a subway than a country road, happier with take-out than a pile of ingredients in the kitchen, and would rather be at a pool than a yucky creek. You do you, girl!

50% Real Country Girl
You're well on your way to being a tried and true blue country gal! Just make a country playlist on Spotify, buy a set of horseshoes for the yard, and trade your flip flops for some boots and you'll be countrified in no time.

25% Real Country Girl
You're not quite there yet, but you have a good start! You just need to work on the lingo, culture, and get comfortable playing in the dirt before you'll be accepted as a full country girl!

75% Real Country Girl
You're tough as nails, sweeter than sweet tea, and a real southern belle. You know how to take care of everything for yourself, but you're not too good to ask for help from a gentleman or to offer to help someone in need.

110% Real Country Girl
You have the manners, sass, respect, and grit of all the generations of country girls behind you! You know all the backyard games, country sports, and could two step blindfolded, and you do! You are the Country Queen!