Alexander The Great

How much do you know about Alexander the Great? Are you an expert on his exploits or a beginning student here to test your progress? Either way, let's get started!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Very little
You don't know very much about the life and exploits of Alexander the Great, but now you have a great jumping off point. With the answers to this quiz, you have gained more knowledge than you had. Read more about this great general!

A little
You would probably just pass a history test that included Alexender the Great. But there is still a lot left for you to learn about. His life is so interesting and there are so many more facts out there to learn about!

About Alexander the Great
You have a decent amount of knowledge about Alexander the Great which is probably a lot more than most people. So, you did well on the quiz. You still have a lot more room to learn, though. Why not check out some books on him?

A lot
You know a lot about Alexander the Great. Enough to know how fascinating his life was. If you know so much about Greek history, why not go to some of the locations and see it all in person? Think how much more you could learn!

You are a true expert on the life and times of Alexander the Great. You probably know what he had for breakfast. Maybe you're a time traveler or a professor of Greek history. You certainly aced this quiz with flying colors!