Am I Having Mood Swings?

There are a lot of underlying causes for mood swings. They are be a real trip to go on and not necessarily a fun trip either. But how can you tell if you are having a mood swing if you have never really had one before?

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Are Not Having Mood Swings
This is so good for you, you are not having any mood swings! You probably knew that but you took the quiz anyways just to be sure, correct? We like your way of thinking. Let's go take some more quizzes soon!

Have Had Mood Swings In The Past
It has been awhile which is probably why you decided to check up on some recent suspicious behavior and see if your mood swings have resurfaced or not. You're good. No recent mood swings. Onto the next item on the Suspicious Behavior List.

Have Been More Mood Swingy Than You'd Like To Admit
This is probably due to a hormonal change or diet change or maybe you are just super stressed about something in your life right now. Either way, you have had a few more mood swings than you want to have. It isn't caused for alarm yet but definitely something to monitor.

Have Normal Mood Swings
Your mood swings are the normal variety. They come and go with your natural hormone changes and shouldn't be a cause for worry unless something drastic changes or they seem really out of the usual. So go buy a pint of ice cream and indulge in the beauty of your hormones.

Have Mood Swings
Some of them are pretty wild, most of them are pretty normal. But it is definitely something to watch and change if they keep throwing your life out of whack. If they aren't and you rather like the swing of things, keep doing you. Eventually, your body will adjust.

Are Definitely Having Crazy Mood Swings
If you look at your group of friends and wonder who is the crazy one but can't immediately pick it out, it is probably you. You have some really intense mood swings that change several times throughout the day and probably leave you pretty exhausted by the evening. You should probably talk to your doctor about them on Monday.