Do I Talk Too Much?

Have people been telling you that you talk too much? Ditch those jerks. But, if you really want to know for your own personal development, take this quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Do not talk enough
Whether or not you think you're a chatterbox, you don't talk so much that you don't listen. And you probably don't talk enough for people to really get to know you. You're a closed book. Open up the first couple of pages and at least let people in on the introduction.

Do not talk too much
Breathe a sigh of relief - you do not talk too much. If someone has said so or you put that on yourself, ignore it. You're just fine. If you ever think you're talking too much, you're probably just nervous. Take a breath and let the other person have some responsibility for the conversation.

Talk a little too much
You talk a little too much but it's not a major problem - most of the time. If you get nervous or excited you probably do talk too much. Remember that you're not responsible for keeping a conversation going or entertaining someone else. And don't forget to listen!

Talk too much
As it turns out, you do, indeed, talk too much. You are a total chatterbox. To tone that down, remember that you don't have to get everything in in one conversation. Don't think about what you're going to say next when the other person is talking. Listen and enjoy hearing the other side of the exchange.

Talk WAY too much
Whoa there. You are talking way, way too much. Self-expression is important but you want those you interact with to feel valued as well don't you? When you are constantly dominating the conversation, people start to feel like you are trying to dominate them. Let someone else have a turn.