What Should You Do This Weekend?

It's the weekend! Should you relax, be productive, or party it up?

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Spiff up around the home
Your environment could use a little sprucing up and maybe a bit of change! When we love our day to day living spaces we're so much happier all around. Even if you don't have the cash for a full on weekend remodel, you can always hit the 99 cent store and pick up some candles or fun new glassware. If you really want to spend no money at all, rearrange the furniture or switch out the blankets on your bed. Whatever you do, have a great time!

Explore your city
Whether you live in a big city or a small town, it's time to change things up a bit and go on a trip of exploration. If you've been in a rut, experiencing new places within easy reach just might get you out of it. Do an internet search on your town as though you are a tourist. See what review sites have to say about restaurants in your area. Search for haunted places or pretty parks near you. You might even find out things to do in your town that you never even knew existed!

Road trip
Sometimes you just need to get away from it all! Taking a road trip, as opposed to flying, lets you take time to meditate and chill or to do goofy things that get you out of your mind. Take a friend and have a blast. Even if you only go a hundred miles and you're back by Sunday, you really will shake things up and get a new perspective on life.

You've been so very busy. It's time you got some rest! Unplug from technology and escape from obligation. Get some takeout and snacks, light some candles, grab a blanket and cuddle up with a great book.

Do the spa thing
If you have the money to go to a real spa, do it! If not, treat yourself to a spa day at home. It's time to pamper yourself. You need it! Take a bubble bath, use the expensive shampoo, lay around in your bathrobe - whatever it takes to make you relax into luxury!

You need to let loose in a big way. Grab some friends and hit the town or throw a shindig at home. Whatever you do - let your hair down and get crazy!