What Greek Goddess Am I?

Have you always felt powerful? Beautiful? There's a goddess inside you that's uniquely yours but see which of the Greek goddesses you would most likely be.

Tags: Mythology, Greek, God, Goddess, Women

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are Queen of the Gods and the ultimate Matriarch. Sure you have a nurturing and loving side but you are also powerful and in control. Essentially, you are the ultimate woman and everyone knows it, including you.

You are the virgin goddess of the hearth. You are the ultimate homebody and enjoy nothing better than snuggling into some lounge clothes and being alone in your beautiful home. You have exceptional taste.

Congratulations, you rule the underworld! Many people see you as dark and moody (which isn't wrong per se) but in reality you are drawn to the misunderstood and the forgotten. You have an enormous amount of empathy.

You are mother of the gods and rule over fertility and motherhood. You consider yourself both a protector and a creator. You hold family above all else and refuse to apologize for it. You are very caring.

You are Selene, goddess of the moon! You are very dreamy and romantic in nature but tend to shy away from social engagements. Many wish to know you but you'd rather do your own thing. You are very much a night owl.

You are a goddess of magic! Everyone you meet seems to find you enchanting and you have a vast knowledge about your interests and industry. You are known to be especially skilled at what you do and you're fine by that.