What Does Your Manicure Say About You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You Are A Perfectionist
Everything in your life has to be perfect, from your head to your toes, and especially your fingernails. If it's not perfect, well... you probably don't want others to know what will happen. This can be okay at times, as your nails really do look great.

You Are A Beauty Queen
You are always watching the trends. You do a great job at matching your outfit to your makeup, and even to your fingernails. Others are sure to look your way and even be a little jealous of how great you look.

You Are Edgy
You are edgy. You might have had an emo or scene phase in your past that you don't want to talk about, or you may be a part of one of these phases right now. You always make sure that you are looking cool, just like your nails.

You Like To Keep Things Simple
Not everything needs to be so complicated, and you know that by now. You like to keep things simple, even your fingernails. You may paint them from time to time, but you aren't likely to pay for someone else to do your nails. You are relaxed, and your nails show that.

You Are Stressed Out
You are working hard, and you don't really have time to get your nails done perfectly every day. Your nails show this, but you are probably too stressed out to care. You may bite your nails from time to time, but who can blame you? Try to relax. Your nails and the rest of your body will thank you.