What Makes YOU So Special?

How are you unique?

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You are artistic, creative, and imaginative. You have an ability to make anything beautiful and create things that will deeply move and impact other people. You express yourself through the things you make. Your creations are uniquely you and make you very special.

You give people your time, your attention, your sympathy, and your heart. You are always helping other people and being there for them. When someone asks you for assistance, you always provide it without complaint. Your kindness and generosity of spirit make you a very special person in this world.

Sense of Humor
You can always find the silver lining, and you always bring laughter and cheer in difficult times. You have a unique perspective on life. You're never afraid to laugh or make yourself look silly. You bring smiles to people's faces and lightness to their hearts. Your humor is a special gift, which you share with the world around you.

You're smart, logical, and clever. You're the one whom people turn to when they need someone to think outside the box or to solve a problem. You're one of the smartest people your friends know. Your intellect and brains are in a league of their own.

Nothing scares you; nothing can force you to back down when you know you're in the right. You stand up for your friends and yourself. You defend the people you care about and stick up for people who need help. You chase your dreams and aren't afraid to take risks.

You're a pillar of strength and a support during dark times. You help others deal with things they can't handle and never let tough times faze you. Your inner strength has helped countless people, countless times.