What Your Nails Say About You?

Wondering what your nails say about you? Then it's time you find out with this short, yet insightful quiz, isn't it? You may be surprised at the answer!

Tags: Women, Nails, Beauty, Personality, Appearance

Here are all the results with descriptions

That You're No-Fuss
Your nails are bare, no polish of any kind. They're also kept short and as clean as you can keep them. This tells the world that you're absolutely no-fuss. You don't care about manicures or spa days. You care about managing the basics, keeping things simple and streamlined. You do what you need to do, and then leave the frills for others to handle.

That You're All Drama
You're all drama, and you know it. You with your ultra long, polished nails with designs, accents, fake jewels and the like. You're the one with the super bright colors, or the crazy nail prints. Definitely following trends. And to the world, it signals 'DRAMA. '.

That You're Timeless And Classic
You would rather die than wear brightly colored nails. You much rather keep things nude-colored, or very light pink. Even clear! But always clean, well-kept, moisturized and beautiful. This tells people you're classy and that you're not one to jump on the trend bandwagon.