How Popular Are You?

Are you everyone's favorite person?

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Are The Rage of the Town
Everyone is talking about one important thing: YOU! You are popular, beloved and the toast of the town. People look up to you, respect your opinions and wish they could be more like you. You are funny and bright, lighting up every room you enter and bringing joy wherever you go.

Are Exceptionally Popular
Popularity can be a tricky thing but you manage it with grace and aplomb. You're so popular that everyone knows your name and everyone watches to see what you will do next. You almost never lose your composure and you certainly never lose your style, poise and pizazz.

Are Pretty Popular
People always enjoy your jokes and if there's a party, you can bet you'll get an invitation. People like spending time with you and you never lack someone to chat with at an event. Rest assured that everyone speaks well of you and they're always happy to see you.

Are Growing In Popularity
Your star is rising and people are slowly starting to realize what an awesome person you have always been. People want to get to know you better. You're interesting, vivacious, and have a magnetic personality that is slowly attracting more and more people to you.

Have a Cult Following
You're a hit with the cool people, the people really in-the-know. In your own little circle, you're as popular as possible and that's more than sufficient for you. It's a small group, but you're all so close, with bonds that will last a lifetime.

Don't Need Popularity
You're individualistic, never part of the crowd and you like it that way. Maybe you're popular, maybe you're not, but frankly you couldn't care less. You do your own thing and that's what makes you happy. You will always find your own way and take life on your own terms.