Which Appliance Are You?

The most random of them all. What kitchen appliance are you? Are you an oven, cabinet, toaster, or fridge? Four answers to choose from, but choose carefully! I gave them strange personalities. So beware! And one of them is a bit mean. Be careful. I won't tell. But be careful . . . Find out who you are right here in this very room!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are angry easily, but when you are, you try not to show it. You help whenever you can.

You prefer to be alone, and depend on your gadgets more than your family and the few friends you have.

You are never full, and always outgoing and friendly. Although this is true, you are a bit slow when racing.

You are a prankster, and have a bunch of friends. You're the coolest person in your school, and you never keep a promise.