What Animal Job Is Right For Me?

Hi! It's HorseMainiac here! Do you like animals? Are you a person that doesn't know where to start when trying to find a career? Then this is the quiz for you!

Tags: Career, Animals, Horse, Dog, Trainer, Job, Work

Here are all the results with descriptions

Horseback Rider
You are awesome with horses. Maybe even horse crazy!

Horse Trainer
You don't feel comfortable when riding horses, but you love working with them.

Dog Trainer
Dog's are your life! You know you can't ride a dog. . . but you can train them!

Animal Hotel Manager
You should open up your own animal hotel! You love any type of animal no matter how big or small they are!

You love hands-on project with animals and you want to help sick animal!

Wildlife Rescuer
Your main goal in life: help wildlife! You are such a passionate person that want animals to net go extinct. . . obviously.