What Type Of Website Should I Make?

Thinking of launching yourself into the world of the world wide web? With website creation being so easy these days, it's a natural impulse. But what kind of site should you make?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Site to Sell a Product
You have the mind of an entrepreneur and you ought to put it to use! Whether your products are something you create or a ground-breaking service now is the time to be your own boss and make your own pay day happen.

Music Review Site
You adore music, you're always up-to-date with the latest releases. Plus, you have quite a few opinions. Share them with the world and slip those headphones on. It's time for you and your website to jam.

Social Media Website
You love people and you love making connections! A social media website is the perfect task for you. You're certain to fill it with all of your friends and eventually make even more friends and connections.

Foodie Site
You love food! You would love to have a food website, whether it's sharing your own recipes or reviewing the latest eats around town you are all about it. Plus, you'll have the best food pictures around.

Travel Blog
You are a traveler extraordinaire and have extreme wanderlust. You should write your own travel blog to talk about your travels and experiences that are so unique to you and your story. Plus you can connect with other travelers!

News Site
You should create a news site. You like to know what's going on in the world and you believe others should too. Maybe you'll focus on something specific like sports or politics, or maybe you'll be a full-blown news site.