What Suit Of Cards Are You?

Read 'em and weep. Or not, you might be overjoyed with your result. Whether you're a poker champion or a casual go-fish player, chances are you've played cards. Find out which card suit you are.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are hearts! So many people adore you and we can see why. You are a fun-loving and exuberant person who has a knack for making everyone feel as though they are part of the party. And with you, it's sure to be a party.

You are diamonds! You have exceptional taste and your sharp wit can leave others daunted. You don't care of course, you are who you are and if others can't keep up then you aren't meant to associate.

You are clubs! You are a kind and generous person who others can't help but feel lucky to know. You try to cultivate your own happiness even when that looks a bit weird to others. Some consider you to be quirky.

You are spades! You are a fiercely independent person and a hard worker. Your determination will take you far and achievement is a certainty in your life. You have many talents that others tend to envy.